LII8111 – Portable A/C Refrigerant Recovery Kit



Refrigerant Recovery Machine,220V-240V 50/60 Hz,
Designed for the recovery of medium and high-pressure refrigerants, including R-410A

• Automatically switches from liquid to vapor recovery

• Provides continuous recovery without the need to change the hose or flip a switch

• Automatic high pressure cut-out switch for safety

• Direct liquid recovery without damaging the compressor

• Oil-less compressor allows rapid transfer of large amounts of liquid

• Efficient fan and large condenser can handle high ambient temperatures

• Multi-refrigerant capable with Self-Clearing feature, which prevents cross-contamination

• Four 60″ hoses, with ball-valves included

• Optional Float Cable provides automatic shut off when tanks are 80% full

• 1/4″ MFL fittings

• Power Source – 220V-240V 50/60 Hz, metric gauges, CE approved


Valve Core Remover and Installer
100% U.S. designed, assembled and tested.
Designed for use of servicing valves in R134a systems with standard valve cores.
For high (16 mm) and low (13 mm) service port standard type valve.
Access and change valve cores while the A/C system is still filled with refrigerant.
Stainless steel ball valve design and patented thread remover lets the user block off the system while changing the valves cores, allowing for no refrigerant loss.