About Us

Laine Industries is a Woman Owned Small business that delivers a single source solution for all of your Maintenance, Repair, and Operational supply needs.Laine offers only world class tools, equipment and consumable products for maintaining fleets, facilities, manufacturing plants, industrial operations and military maintenance applications. We accomplish this through strong partnerships with the most respected names in the industry such as Weatherhead Hydraulics, Nucor Fasteners, 3M, OTC and hundreds of others. Therefore, Laine can supply all of your Safety, Fastening, Janitorial, Chemical, Electrical, Fluid Power, Welding, Shop Supply and Shop Equipment needs.

Value added services and quality products are provided to the maintenance / repair marketplace through our customized programs and our desire to find solutions for our customers. We have been serving the marketplace for over 30 years.


We offer 100 percent customer satisfaction and 99.2% of all orders are shipped complete within 24 hours. We are committed to serving the maintenance industry with quality products and competitive prices. Our sales representatives are customer focused and our customers are our number one priority. Sales representatives are trained to help find solutions to problems as well as with day-to-day operating needs. We provide service as well as products. We have customized programs for different situations.


Our products are quality control tested and approved. We stand behind our products with liability insurance coverage just in case. Our products are environmentally conscious and also meet specific requirements and regulations pertaining to your industry. We deal with reputable suppliers such as Weatherhead, Nucor Fasteners, Seymour Paint and ND Industries to guarantee high quality standards. Our products meet UL environmental and safety standards. Capscrews meet SAE, A.N.S.I, GM 300 M, IH Type 4, CAT e60, FORD M3500G, JDMA17F, MIL B-857-A standards. Material Data Safety Sheets are available at your request and will accompany any order.


We are proud of our large inventory and its availability to serve the needs of our customers. We handle anything from Abrasives to Woodruff Keys and over 25,000 quality engineered items in between! Our products are diverse and cover hard-to-locate as well as common items. You can rely on us as your supplier.

Industry standards are met through reputable suppliers and our commitment to provide quality products to our customers. Advanced training is provided to sales representatives to keep them informed of the latest information and advancements to the industry.


Our 100% return for credit policy will insure that you have the stock on hand that you need and do not waste valuable time and space on parts that you cannot use. This program is an effective method to obtain an invoice credit balance on the value of obsolete merchandise and apply the value toward new parts that you will have a better use for. Your sales representatives will also help keep high demand parts available, lower the amount of slow-moving inventory and eliminate unnecessary parts.


Our customer service department is available to help you and your company and can provide the information you need on our products and their uses. They can provide specifications for any of our products to determine which will be right for your particular job. Should you need any information on your account, that information is readily available and can be discussed with you.

Time Savings

Our packaging includes labeled storage equipment and clearly labeled and bar coded packaging for easy identification. Your sales representative can send your order electronically if necessary to speed order processing and to enable us to ship 99.2% of all orders complete within 24 hours.

We have earned a reputation over the years as a very reliable source. Customers realize that we have a very positive impact on their ability to get the job done. We strive to earn and keep this reputation and your satisfaction is considered at all times.


Our knowledgeable sales representatives participate in advanced and on-going training sessions to keep them up to date on industry standards and regulations and can trouble-shoot possible solutions to any problems. Many resources are available to them and support will be available for any questions you may have. Guidance may also be provided to your employees through product demonstrations when requested. Your sales representative will demonstrate the features and benefits of the products that fit your applications or that you request.

Customized Programs

Trained sales representatives set up planned inventory control systems. These programs help with organization, cost and time savings, and obsolete merchandise. Time spent looking for a supplier for a particular part is eliminated and being able to see exactly what you have on hand will ensure that you don’t run out of necessary parts. We are helping customers find solutions. We have customized programs to _t your situation. Imagine the extra floor space and the extra time to spend on other more noteworthy projects. One of our bin and tray programs could provide this for you. A sales representative can evaluate your situation for space requirements and project results.

Cost Savings

Our vast product line enables your company to save money usually spent on searching for the products you need. One supplier greatly increases efficiency and eliminates unnecessary parts searching. Imagine knowing exactly where a part is and that it will be in stock when you need it. Laine Industries will provide sufficient storage equipment and labeling systems to organize your stock requirements.